Welcome Back

Welcome to the new school year!

We are looking forward to spending time with you this year!  We will begin the school year learning about one another and celebrating our individuality.  Those of you that are new to our school will have an opportunity to develop new relationships and for those that have been with us, you will have a chance to reconnect with old friends.

As we begin our new year together, we offer these suggestions and requests:

  • Please send your child to school with a backpack or tote bag for any personal items as well as a way to bring home art projects, papers, etc.
  • Each child has a labeled coat hook to hang their backpacks, coats and any other necessary items.
  • Please remember to sign in and out on the school roster clipboards each day.
  • Please check your parent mailbox located in the entryway or Exploring Room.  We will use these mailboxes for important communication.
  • We will play outside most days.  Make sure your child has appropriate footwear and outer clothing.
  • Your child should come to school in clothing that can get dirty.  Exploring paint, glue, and water is a messy business!
  • Please provide us with a change of clothes in a labeled Ziploc bag.  If your child is in diapers/pull ups, please send in a small supply as well as wipes.
  • If your child is staying for lunch, please put lunch boxes on the lunch box shelves upstairs.
  • Our school is a nut free environment.  When packing lunches, please read ingredient labels carefully.
  • Preschool children are required by the state to have a rest period after lunch.  Please provide us with a crib size sheet, small blanket, and if desired, a pillow and snuggly if your child naps.  Please put these items in a bag and hang on their nap hook in the office.  These should be washed and returned on a weekly basis.
  • Lastly, we are asking each family to donate a box of tissues and/or a container of hand soap to help keep us all healthy.

We thank you for your assistance and look forward to a wonderful year together!

Christine VanDerslice, Director & Stratham Circle Learning Staff